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Special needs School

The Center aims to serve all cases of specialneeds. Especially these cases that is not accepted in other centers likemultiple deformities and disabled cases. The center is conducted on 20 acre andit contain many playgrounds and green areas that allow for the patients freemobility also it contain therapeutic farm with all kind of agriculturalactivities

The center consists of 7 main units
1- An intellectual upbringing school under the supervision of to the Ministryof Education and upbringing accepting students with minor mental retardationfor 9 years where it grants the student certificate of the completion of theintellectual upbringing study that allows for the graduate working in bothpublic and private sectors within 5 % from the labor forces

2- Department of audio upbringing and it accepts cases of auditory deformitywith variable degrees under the supervision of Ministry of Education thedepartment of the audio upbringing and the number of study years by it 12 yearsit grants the student their considering the certificate of the completion ofthe audio upbringing study and its equal to the High School Diploma and thetraining takes place by this part by the newest audio systems ( Sovag ) thatallows for the student the utmost benefit from its remaining audio abilities
3- The department of Middle/Sever/Profound mental retardation. Accepting casesof mental retardation with different degrees. The system used in thisdepartment is individual program for each student aside other differentactivities.
4- Department for multiple deformities
5- Department for brain paralysis: for training and rehabilitation cases ofbrain paralysis

6- Borderline mental retardation and slow learning accepting cases lie their IQbetween 69-80

Dr Gamal Mady Abou Elazayem Center for special needs children

The modern research and studies showed the need of the Egyptian society formore care for handicapped children, regardless of their degree. And for nodoubt, that the responsibility lies on those who work in the psychiatric field.Accordingly, the idea of establishing this center, which we hope that it wouldparticipate in treating the handicapped children who suffer from thecomplications of their handicappness, and are not finding vacant places in thepresent institutions. And its well known, that the percentage of mentalretardation is around 5% from the community, which means that 3 million peoplein Egypt require are in need for such services. Working in the country side andin the land protects such retarded people, in where there are required to dosimple work, but their problem aggregates when they join schools and findthemselves unable to continue their education in regular schools, and theirparents face the problem of rehabilitating such children, especially thosetheir intelligence who lie in the borderline between intelligence and mentalretardation, i.e. their IQ = 70 - 89.

What is Mental Retardation?

Mental retardation is defined as when the mental performance is below thanaverage, and there is a defect in performing the daily activities and inadapting to the surrounding environment. Mental retardation is categorized intofour major categories:

- Deep mental retardation ,in which the IQ= 0-20
- Severe mental retardation, in which the IQ= 20-35
- Moderate mental retardation ,in which the IQ= 36-51
- Simple mental retardation, in which the IQ= 52-70
While we can consider those cases with IQ= 70-89, borderline mentalretardation, in which the majority of this category can perform the daily lifeactivities, and can cope with its requirements. It has been internationallyagreed that the normal IQ for normal individuals lie between 90 and 109.
Upon doubting of the presence of mental retardation, we should perform fullinvestigations to evaluate the mental performance and the behavioral adaptationto find out the best methods for education, training, and rehabilitation. Andbefore starting the treatment, we should examine the patient full clinicalexamination; in addition to that, doing the full blood investigations, CSFinvestigations, EEG, and sometimes a CT-Scan is done. Afterwards, specialintelligence examinations are done.

And nowadays, in the developed countries, treatment of mentally retardedchildren starts in the first few months of his//her life, by using theattention method, and by training the parents to draw the attention of thechild, guided by instructions of the specialist, for the sake of improving thechilds intelligence.

The Policy of Rehabilitation

The policy of Dr. Gamal Mady Abu Elazayem Rehabilitation center to divide thementally retarded children according to their intelligence degree, and thedegree of their handicapness, where some children suffer from speech, hearingdifficulties, while others suffer from organic diseases, such as epilepsy.These children are looked after in special classes, that contains the modernistrehabilitation devices, which helps the mental development of the child, andthere are teaching classes held under the supervision of the ministry ofeducation ,which qualifies the child for the elementary education for theborderline mentally retarded children (i.e. IQ= 70-89) .

The Admission Procedure

1- The childs intelligence is evaluated.

2- The medical investigations are done, such as EEG, and the routine bloodinvestigations are done to exclude any organic diseases.
3- A special program is put for every child separately according to his/hercondition, to improve the mental level.
4- Children with low IQ (36-51), a special rehabilitation program is put forthem, to learn social habits, the appropriate behavior, normal routineactivities ,and the handcrafts that dont require high skills.
5- Children with simple mental retardation (IQ= 52-70), are trained to acquireappropriate behavior, and handcrafts that dont require high skills, and istaught reading, writing, and maths.
6- The Auditory handicapped children go through program using modernacoustic instruments, which helps every child to hear his teacher with clearvoice with the highest degree of clarity; hence he/she can learn and speak justlike any ordinary child.

7- The child can live in the dorm of the school during the school months, inseparated dorms for boys and girls, under full medical and social supervision.


There is a special bus to transport children from their homes to the centerwhich is located in the city of 10th Ramadan






1- An intellectualupbringing school under the supervision of to the Ministry of Education andupbringing
2- Department of audio upbringing
3- The department of Middle/Sever/Profoundmental retardation.
4- Department for multiple deformities
5- Department for brain paralysis
6- Borderline mental retardation and slowlearning

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