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The modern trend in psychiatric field aims totreat chronic psychiatric diseases, which require longer periods of treatmentin an open hospital surrounded by open gardens, and the "open"hospital is attached by specialized psychiatric units, which aim to treat thenegative impacts of such diseases, which may affect the patient, such asautism, isolation, negativity, impulsivity and inability to work. Therefore,the location of the hospital was selected to be in a quiet calm area in theProvince of Giza, far from the city noises, to be an appropriate place to applythe advanced policies in rehabilitating chronic psychiatric patients, and toperform different therapeutical activities.

The Aim of Psychiatric Rehabilitation

The aim of psychiatric rehabilitation is to develop the behavioral and socialcapabilities of the patient leading him/her to the best performance levels thatenables him/her to return to practice the daily life activities after a longsuffer, and to be productive and useful for himself/herself and the community.

The Principles of Psychiatric Rehabilitation

1- The psychiatric disease doesnt affect all behavioral aspects of thepatient, instead few daily life skills remain, such as preparing food, makingfriendships with others, participating in house-hold activities, buying fewnecessities. And its the mission of the psychotherapist is to cultivate theseskills and enhancing the active participation of the patient.

2- To get better responses, the humanitarian behavior can be developed by agradual modification program, and the time required for such developmentdepends on the nature of work done, and on the patients ability to do suchwork. And this requires continuous encouragement by the psychotherapist.

3- Rehabilitating the patient behaviorally to be adapted to the outside life,where other psychiatric centers dont provide the true chance for patients toperform their daily life activities in hand with the with medical,psychological, and social therapy.

4- Enabling the "social maturing" through group treatment, and byinteracting with different patients, and it was noticed that higher cure rateswere achieved by this method, which means that the first principle forrehabilitation is encouragement of patients to interact with each other, andthe earlier done, better results would have been yielded, even if the patientwas stubborn and autistic. Thus, increasing the activities allocated timeinside groups in a gradual manner, changes the stubborn behavior, and stops thenegative symptoms.

The Psychotherapy program

The psychotherapy program in the hospital stands on the best scientific basis,in which a research application form is filled upon the admission of thepatient for the sake of evaluating his/her condition from all medical,psychological, and social aspects. And thats achieved by testing theintelligence and level of conciseness deterioration, and personality tests toassess his/her ability in participating in the various rehabilitation programs.

Accordingly, every patient gets a special program that suits his/her needs,according to the points accumulated in the research, and the patientscondition is evaluated periodically to demonstrate the effectiveness of therehabilitation program in improving his/her condition. The hospital hadorganized a program, with different activities and skills, to help the patientto return back to his/her community in a better shape.

Therapeutic Activities (Methods)

1- Treatment by work: At the hospital, there are many workshops to help thepatient to do some activities that require easy skills and simple mentaleffort, such as Plastic remodeling, carpentering, and bamboo work, in whichpatients participate under the supervision of talented trainers. And the aim ofsuch activities is to build the idea of acceptance of work, and to graduallyreturn back to a productive pattern of life, and it doesnt aim to let thepatient earn money.

2- Treatment by Awareness: Its accomplished through therapeutic programs thataim to develop the individuals logical thinking, and to learn how to face thedaily life problems, how to overcome such problems and solve it.

3- Treatment by Arts: Drawing helps in treating distorted conciseness, and thiscan be accomplished through stimulating the awareness view by displayingvarious topics to be drawn ,which helps the patient in abstract thinking andconcentrating through discovering different geometric relationships, whichhelps the patients to realize problem-solving matters. Arts ,also, enables theliberal expression of the self, and this upgrading in the way of thinking leadto ripening of thoughts and feelings, which eventually helps in the progressionof treatment of the patients.

4- Teaching Classes: Teaching classes are held daily at the hospital, whichhelps to raise the cultural level for the patients. 5- Sports Activities: Thedaily program contains daily physical activities at the morning, which are fewexercises, which aids the patient to regain his/her physical status before thedisease. At the evening, group sport competitions are held to enhance thepatients ability to participate in groups, away from tension, such as soccer,basketball, and table tennis, and all is done under the supervision of experts.

6- Musical Activities (Therapy) Musical concerts are done at the hospital, inwhich patients participate in group singing, and theyre influenced by themusical tone, that keeps them away from tension.

7- Educating Lectures It expands the patients knowledge, and keeps him/heraware of his/her surroundings, and it highlights the problems that he/she mightencounter.

8- Recreational trips The hospital organizes 3 trips weekly, for the purpose ofexpanding the knowledge of the patients of their surroundings, and to enhancetheir acceptance in their communities, so as to keep their presence in thehospital an extension for their presence in their communities after theirimprovement. And patients go out with the social workers in the hospital, whichhelp them to break the barrier, in addition to that, they are taken in trips tomuseums and public places to increase their cultural awareness.

9- Religious Activities There is a special scholar in the hospital, who helpsthe patients in increasing their awareness about religious aspects, and linksthe religion by daily life, and patients pray together in one group, and learnQuran by heart.





Hospital Specialities

The aim of psychiatricrehabilitation is to develop the behavioral and social capabilities of the patientleading him/her to the best performance levels that enables him/her to returnto practice the daily life activities after a long suffer, and to be productiveand useful for himself/herself and the community

1- Treatment by work:
2- Treatment by Awareness:
3- Treatment by Arts:
4- Teaching Classes:
5- Sports Activities:
6- Musical Activities (Therapy)
7- Educating Lectures
8- Recreational trips
9- Religious Activities

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